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Creating my dream life at Cornell

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here and since my last update, I’ve made some big moves towards living my dream life. In August, I moved to Ithaca, New York to accept a position as a Diversity Fellow / Assistant Archivist at Cornell University. I currently work in the Rare and Manuscripts Collection where I process collections for the Human Sexuality Collection; create metadata and catalog photographs documenting the birth of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; and push for diversity, inclusion, and belonging advocacy efforts within both my division and the library system as a whole. I’m excited to be learning new skills like digital forensics and ArchivesSpace, as we make the switch from JSTOR Forum.  

I also adopted two kittens from the Tompkins County SPCA (the nicest SPCA I’ve EVER been to) when I moved here. They’re brothers, a Siamese-mix, and just turned 6-months old. Here’s my cuties: 


The past few months have been brutal: flying around the country for interviews every week, sometimes twice a week, the rejections letters (including those extra special ones that misgender me!), moving to a new state, and as always, doing all of this while chronically ill, disabled, and crazy. It’s been no easy feat but I’m here putting down roots, building community, and feeling like I’m thriving, instead of merely surviving, for the first time in my life.