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New Zine: The Little Book of Work Affirmations

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A few weeks ago, I led my first zine workshop, “Creating Zines for Self-Care,” as an Outreach and Instruction Librarian here at Cornell. We had a great time de-stressing, talking about self-care strategies, and making mini-zines. I’m excited to share the new mini-zine I created during this workshop, “The Little Book of Work Affirmations,” with you!


As many of us know, surviving and thriving under capitalism is hard work. Impostor syndrome can be a real threat to our self confidence and worth, especially at work. I designed this full-color mini-zine to arm you with affirmations as a strategy to build and sustain your self-esteem. Collective organizing and systemic change are necessary - but hopefully, as we work towards liberation, these words will help you recognize our inherent worth.

You can order “The Little Book of Work Affirmations” - as well as my other zines - on my Etsy, Femme Filth Press.


Since I work in a cubicle and have PTSD, I decided to block the window behind my desk with posters to create a safer place for me to work. I turned the affirmations from this zine into posters and hung them up so my colleagues could enjoy them too. Some folks on Twitter asked if I would make these available on my Etsy, so you can now purchase a set of four affirmation prints as printable PDFs through Femme Filth Press.

With solidarity and care,