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$upport Survivors by Donating "The Little Book of Affirmations for Survivors" to a Survivor

On Twitter, I was lamenting about how I wanted to send EVERY survivor “The Little Book of Affirmations for Survivors” a gorgeous zine of 35+ affirmations for fellow survivors I published this month - but also wanted to respect the time, labor, energy, and love I poured into creating this zine by valuing my artwork (and myself.) I put the following dream out into the universe - a way for folks who could afford my zines to get them to survivors:

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One of my friends, Meep, suggested making a “pay it forward” option in my Etsy and then creating a separate waiting list form for survivors to sign up for their very own free copy. I loved her idea, so I turned it into a reality. I created an option for donors on the Etsy listing where customers are asked “Do you want to send this copy to another survivor?” - all they have to do is say “Yes!” and buy it.

Survivors can sign up on a waiting list to receive a free copy and will be notified via e-mail once their zine is in the mail.

Want to support this project? Head on over to my Etsy. Are you a survivor who wants “The Little Book of Affirmations for Survivors”? Fill out the waitlist form now!