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$upport Survivors by Donating "The Little Book of Affirmations for Survivors" to a Survivor

On Twitter, I was lamenting about how I wanted to send EVERY survivor “The Little Book of Affirmations for Survivors” a gorgeous zine of 35+ affirmations for fellow survivors I published this month - but also wanted to respect the time, labor, energy, and love I poured into creating this zine by valuing my artwork (and myself.) I put the following dream out into the universe - a way for folks who could afford my zines to get them to survivors:

support survivors.png

One of my friends, Meep, suggested making a “pay it forward” option in my Etsy and then creating a separate waiting list form for survivors to sign up for their very own free copy. I loved her idea, so I turned it into a reality. I created an option for donors on the Etsy listing where customers are asked “Do you want to send this copy to another survivor?” - all they have to do is say “Yes!” and buy it.

Survivors can sign up on a waiting list to receive a free copy and will be notified via e-mail once their zine is in the mail.

Want to support this project? Head on over to my Etsy. Are you a survivor who wants “The Little Book of Affirmations for Survivors”? Fill out the waitlist form now!

Self-Care is Not Selfish: Reflections from ALA Annual 2019

This year, I was able to attend ALA Annual for the first time. I learned a lot from the workshops, panels, and sessions I attended but one of the most salient and crucial for me was on self-care. This was the first session I attended and set the tone for the rest of my conference.

The panel was “Self-Care is Not Selfish: Preventing Burnout,” presented by Emily Clasper, Janie Hermann, Djaz Zulida, Carson Block, and Kyle Courtney. I also want to give a shout-out to Sarah Houghton who couldn’t be there in person but graciously recorded a video for us!

As a disabled person who is chronically ill and believes in interdependence, community care, and anti-capitalism as a way to dismantle the systemic issues which create the need for much of our self-care, I am very critical of a lot of self-care discourse. However, this panel also highlighted the importance taking care of each other. When reflecting on my conference experience, I kept thinking back to how this panel - so I created a zine based on what I learned and questions it raised for me, grounded in the practice of radical vulnerability.


In this zine, I talk about the power of no, navigating ALA Annual events held at bars as a person in recovery, creating space for others to share their stories, what it means to be "healthy" as a chronically ill person and including disabled people in self-care, and what self-care is. I also discuss the power of community care and collective change in addressing the systemic issues that create the need for self-care, interdependence, how we can show up for each other at work, recognizing/preventing burnout, and the importance of knowing your local resources.

This zine was originally created for my Cornell colleagues who couldn’t attend ALA Annual this year but if you’d like a color copy, I’d be happy to send one to you in exchange for $3 for postage. Please e-mail me if you’re interested!

New Zine: The Little Book of Work Affirmations
Zine workshop poster.jpg

A few weeks ago, I led my first zine workshop, “Creating Zines for Self-Care,” as an Outreach and Instruction Librarian here at Cornell. We had a great time de-stressing, talking about self-care strategies, and making mini-zines. I’m excited to share the new mini-zine I created during this workshop, “The Little Book of Work Affirmations,” with you!


As many of us know, surviving and thriving under capitalism is hard work. Impostor syndrome can be a real threat to our self confidence and worth, especially at work. I designed this full-color mini-zine to arm you with affirmations as a strategy to build and sustain your self-esteem. Collective organizing and systemic change are necessary - but hopefully, as we work towards liberation, these words will help you recognize our inherent worth.

You can order “The Little Book of Work Affirmations” - as well as my other zines - on my Etsy, Femme Filth Press.


Since I work in a cubicle and have PTSD, I decided to block the window behind my desk with posters to create a safer place for me to work. I turned the affirmations from this zine into posters and hung them up so my colleagues could enjoy them too. Some folks on Twitter asked if I would make these available on my Etsy, so you can now purchase a set of four affirmation prints as printable PDFs through Femme Filth Press.

With solidarity and care,


Recasting the Narrative: An ACRL 2019 Mini-Zine

I just returned from the 2019 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) conference in Cleveland, which was an affirming, magical, and informative couple of days. Despite experiencing a lupus flare and ending up urgent care, I was still able to attend some amazing workshops, presentations, and panels like “Moving Beyond Race 101: Speculative Futuring for Equity” and “Social Justice as a Core Professional Value: One Library's Story”. I also had the opportunity to take part in a pre-conference for Diversity Fellows called “Taking Charge of Narrative”, which was an amazing experience. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to connect, build relationships with, and learn from other Diversity Fellows from around the country!

As a way to report back to my colleagues who couldn’t attend, share ideas, and spark conversations, I made a mini-zine about what I learned this year at ACRL. It was a fun, creative, way to talk about what I learned at the conference when I returned to Cornell. Since I received several requests to purchase this zine, I thought I’d make it available here in exchange for a few dollars for postage or towards trauma therapy / healing process. If you’re interested in obtaining a copy, please e-mail me your mailing address.

In solidarity and care,


Digital and print bundles of FEMME FILTH ZINES are now available (and buttons too!)

A DIGITAL bundle of issues #1-4 of FEMME FILTH, a queer femme zine about healing, mental health, and radical vulnerability, at a discounted price! Get yours here.

Femme Filth #1 is a 18-page, full-color, zine about radical vulnerability, living with borderline personality disorder & ptsd, celebrating queer femmes, healing, survival, recovery, resilience, and mental health.

Femme Filth #2 is a 28-page black-and-white zine about radical vulnerability, femme magic, and healing justice from the perspective of a perspective of a sick & disabled, queer femme, survivor. This zine addresses topics like protecting one's magic and energy; interdependence and community care; tangible, concrete ways to support femmes; art, idols, and idolization as a form of dehumanization; and the challenges and complexities of healing from sexual violence. 

Femme Filth #3 is a 20-page, full-color, digital zine about radical vulnerability, healing, and recovery. This zine explores how the author continues to nurture their healing process as they imagine futures for themselves, set intentions for 2018 and beyond, create affirmations for survivors, recommend readings and resources, and explore the joys of snail mail & penpalling.

Femme Filth #4: the healing issue is a 20-page, full-color, digital zine about radical vulnerability, femme magic, healing, mental health, and survivor solidarity from the perspective of a perspective of a sick & disabled, queer femme, survivor. This zine covers the politics of survivorship; thoughts on healing & vulnerability; guides on creating affirmation lists; helpful apps for survivors; things that have helped me heal; tips on supporting survivors in tangible & concrete ways; rants, musings, & scraps from my diary; and so much more! 

Trigger warnings and content warnings ARE provided.

Karina Killjoy is a sick & disabled high femme artist, archivist, & community organizer based in upstate New York. Their (art)work is centered around themes of radical vulnerability, healing justice, survivor solidarity, & queer femme magic. They are passionate about fatshion, critical theory, makeup, cats, & witchcraft.

PS: We’re offering B&W print bundles as well at a discounted price, as well as FEMINIST AND QUEER BUTTONS! Get yours here.

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International Zine Month and the Zine Librarians (Un)Conference

"[Zines] are education and revelation, empowerment and healing, giddy secret and proud f-you” - Andi Zeisler

July is International Zine Month (aka IZM), a fantastic month dedicated to celebrating and creating zines with a rich calendar of events that feature ways to be involved each and every day. 


July 1 – CanaZine Day! Buy, read, or share zines from Canada for Canada Day!
July 2 – Zine Rewind! Re-read your favorite zines and remind yourself why you fell in love with them in the first place.
July 3 – Teach a friend or family member about zines or even a stranger!
July 4 – AmeriZine Day! Explore marginalized voices in America. Buy, share, and read zines about racial justice and zines written by people of color.
July 5 – Review a zine online or write a review to share in your own zine.
July 6 – Zine Pride Day! Explore LGBTQIA zines! Buy, share, and read zines by people of marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities. Check out the Queer Zine Archive Project!
July 7 – Zine Distro Appreciation Day! Order zines from a distro to get yourself some reading material for IZM2018
July 8 – Cook with a recipe you found in a zine!
July 9  – Write a letter to a zine penpal
July 10 – Write a letter to a zine maker you don’t know
July 11- International Zine Day! Buy, share, or read zines from a country different than your own
July 12 – ZineWiki Day! Add to or update
July 13 -Friday the 13th! Make up a zine superstition and share it (skip the 13th issue? Spin 3 times to prevent copier jams or avoid paper cuts? Let your best friend read your zine before anyone else?)
July 14 – ValenZines Day! Give yourself some zine love in whatever way it means to you! read zines in a bubble bath? Buy some new scissors? Let your zine friends know you care about them.
July – 15 Free Zine Day! Give zines away or leave zines in public place for a stranger to find
July 16 – Make a list of reasons you love zines and share it with others
July 17 – make a flyer for your zine to trade with others or to send out with zine orders and trades
July 18 – Zine trade Day! Ask someone to trade zines
July – 19 Send your zine to a distro for consideration in the distro
July 20 – Zine Shop Appreciation Day! Visit your local zine shop!
July 21 – Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library. Don’t have one in your area? Why not start one?
July 22 – Send or drop off your zine to a zine library to be included in their collection
July 23 – Order zines from a different zine distro
July 24 -Teach yourself a new zine skill like a new binding technique or how to make a 1 page zine
July 25 –  Send your zine out for review to a website or magazine that does reviews
July 26 – Organize your zine collection
July 27 – Post online about some of your favorite zines!
July 28 – Plan or attend a zine event! Big or tiny!
July 29 – Take a photo of you with your zine or zine collection and post it online
July 30 – Write a letter or post about your IZM2018
July 31 – HallowZine! Remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us.

Extra Credit:

  • Read a zine everyday

  • Attend or organize a zine event

  • Do a 24-hour zine. Sign up at

  • Draw a comic a day, then release a comic zine.

  • Write about our progress daily online.

This year for IZM, I’ve been tweeting about my participation on Twitter with the hashtag #IZM2018. I’ll also be attending the 2018 Zine Librarian (Un)Conference which is an informative and inspirational (and fun!) gathering of zine librarians, zinesters, and people who care deeply about zines and their ability to change lives for the better. I’ve been dreaming of going to this (un)conference for years; this year will be my first-ever time attending! I can’t wait to tell you about what I learn and experience this year.


xoxo Karina

New Zine: Femme Filth #4 - The Healing Issue

Femme Filth #4: The Healing Issue is a 20-page, full-color, digital zine about radical vulnerability, femme magic, healing, mental health, and survivor solidarity from the perspective of a perspective of a sick & disabled, queer femme, survivor. 

This zine covers the politics of survivorship; thoughts on healing & vulnerability; guides on creating affirmation lists; helpful apps for survivors; things that have helped me heal; tips on supporting survivors in tangible & concrete ways; rants, musings, & scraps from my diary; & so much more. Written in Aries season of Spring 2018 ♈️

Buy it here on my Etsy!