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Association of College & Research Libraries’ Residency Interest Group Resident of the Month: Karina Hagelin (2019).

Cornell University Library Staff Profile: Karina Hagelin (2018).

What people are saying about my work

"Already in love with this. The packaging is beautiful and the artwork is so uniquely expressive in a way only Karina could create. I'm really amazed at the ability of this work to bring together so many different pains and present them in such a gentle and healing empowerment. There are so many golden nuggets in here I know I will be using. I feel extremely fortunate to have such a brilliant, strong, and talented artist and activist in my area!" - amy winkler

"I love this zine. Full of positive affirmations and quotations to do with healing. I found it very useful and have the pdf download on my phone now so I can read it on my commute. Thank you 💖 " - ellen welsh

"These zines are simply amazing. As I have struggled with many of the issues discussed in these beautiful works of art, I more than appreciate the artists language to discuss their own struggles. They were able to articulate the feelings that I have not been able to put into words. I also felt like someone else was living some of the things I had experienced, which really helped me understand these struggles. I am so thankful for these zines as I visit them every time I struggle, need a sense of community and want to feel the love. They are amazing!!! <3 Thank you so much for bravely discussing your feelings and experiences. It is so much appreciated!" - amanda strausser

"I love love love this zine!!! I could relate to so much of it, and I felt so empowered reading it as a nb, mentally ill, femme survivor. so many things resonated with me and inspired me. I am so excited to read the second one too! thank you so much for being vulnerable and inspirational and all around lovely" - michelle rentauskas

"s a fellow femme and trauma survivor i feel like these zines are now essential to my life and recovery. every page was aesthetic goals but also had so much truth i found myself giving snaps as i read along, alone, in my apartment. i feel inspired and important and lovely and worthy and i want like a thousand more zines like these, plz. 💖✨" - cassie calamity

"This beautiful, raw and loving work by the author makes so much room for others to find their own voice. Thank you for sharing your mind, body and soul with us and showing so many that they are loved and valued. We bought twenty copies for one of our counseling offices, and that is just our beginning! The author supports survivors in so many necessary ways. Thank you for your love, thank you for sharing so much with us!" - stephanie cork