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Femme Filth Press

Karina Hagelin is creating zines about radical vulnerability, healing as resistance, and queer femme joy.


Femme Filth #1

Femme Filth # 1 is an 18-page zine about living with borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, radical vulnerability, celebrating queer femmes, survival, healing, recovery, resilience, and mental health. Buy it here.


Femme Filth #2

Femme Filth #2 a 28-page zine about femme magic, radical vulnerability, and healing justice from the perspective of a sick & disabled, queer, femme survivor.  This zine addresses topics such as protecting one's magic and energy; interdependence and community care; tangible, concrete, ways to support femmes; art, idols, and idolization as a form of dehumanization; and the challenges & complexities of healing from sexual violence. Buy it here.


Femme Filth #3

Femme Filth #3 is a 20-page zine about radical vulnerability, healing, and recovery. This zine explores how the author continues to nurture their healing process as they imagine futures for themselves, set intentions for 2018 & beyond, create affirmations for survivors, recommend readings and resources, & explore the joys of snail mail and penpalling. Buy it here.

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Femme Filth #4

Femme Filth #4 is grounded in femme magic, radical vulnerability, and survivor solidarity. This issue covers the politics of survivorship; thoughts on healing and vulnerability; guides on creating affirmation lists; helpful apps for survivors; things that have helped me heal; tips on supporting survivors in tangible & concrete ways; rants, musings, and scraps from my diary; & so much more! Buy it here.


The Little Book of Affirmations

The Little Book of Affirmations is a mini-zine of affirmations and positive mantras you can use to empower yourself, build confidence, and connect with your higher self. Buy it here.


Things That Have Helped Me Heal

Things That Have Helped Me Heal is a mini-zine about healing, recovery, and radical vulnerability. This zine is a "brief & incomplete list of things that have helped me as i work on healing. i've been working on cultivating positive changes in my life, practicing harm reduction, & creating art to transform trauma for the past seven years.” Buy it here.


The Little Book of Work Affirmations

The Little Book of Work Affirmations is a mini-zine designed to arm you with affirmations as a strategy to build and sustain your self-esteem. Collective organizing and systemic change are necessary - but hopefully, as we work towards liberation, these words will help you recognize our inherent worth. Buy it here.

Print and digital copies of Femme Filth Press zines are available on Etsy.